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2015 Interior Design Trends

By mvicioso dot January 5 , 2015

This year’s interior design trend is an insightful peek at what’s in store for interior designing in the near future: the timelessness of classic designs and the world’s ever-growing fondness of nature. These two design trends have designers going after aesthetically appealing marriage between classic and nature themes. Not even the Modern interior designers in Miami, FL who have been using different styles to compliment Miami’s rich while reducing classical design culture are exempted from the enthralling visual candy brought about by the combination of the two.

Have a look at this year’s reigning interior design theme, fixtures, and colors:

Classics Designs Meets Nature

This year’s interior design theme is the delightful fusion of nature and classic themes. It’s a visually charming walk down the memory lane underscored by strategically located natural fixtures. This retro style stands out in particular as it takes the admirers held captive to its charm to a retreat towards the romantic designs of the past.

The infusion of nature shows how interior designing is becoming more audacious when it comes to embracing versatility. Suddenly, today’s design has trellises as dividers, carefully-designed flowers have become an accepted focal point, and plants provide the subtle contrast required to make a harmonious visual rhythm with classic themes.

Modern interior designers in Miami, FL always make sure the room is as spacious as possible to keep the beauty of the city’s nature and the charm of classics in constant equilibrium without engulfing the senses.

Natural finish

Keeping up with the nature and classics trend, interior designers are going for metallic finishes and wooden elements: an allusion to classic and nature themes respectively. That also means exquisite marbles are back as your wall or your floor’s key material to make the room look more spacious and free.

Due to classic interior design’s comeback, frosted glass, vintage tubs, four-poster beds, and novelty lighting fixtures are back in vogue. Under a skilled interior designer, these decorative items will be emphasized better when arranged adjacent to natural themed items like indoor fountains, handcrafted stones, and potted plants.

Another trend that invaded the interior design scene is recycling. This trend received a warm welcome from interior designers in Miami Beach when it turned out to be an eco-friendly spectacle when arranged well with contemporary design and themes. Now that the eco-friendly culture has picked up its pace, expect to see nature-themed wallpapers and wooden furniture alongside recycled decorative items too.

Pastel-colored trend

The trending colors of 2015 are from the family of soft pastel, a creative tribute to the dynamic color schemes of nature.

As this year’s interior design trend is nature and classics, expect to see a lot of olive green and navy blue, both are colors of nature in classic shades, as the prevailing colors in every trendsetting interior designs of 2015.

All in all, the colors should instill a spacious feeling while retaining the classic look and the warmth of nature.

To say that the classics are back is an understatement now that nature themes have pumped up the classic interior design look by providing an interesting and colorful contrast. It’s no surprise that even Interior designers in Miami Beach are starting to embrace this year’s trend which would help their clients truly celebrate the beauty of the past and the promise of the future.


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