2022 Design Trends + PCD’s Hot Take

By Pepe Calderin dot April 28 , 2022

Happy Spring, everyone! The seasonal new year is here and we’re checking in with 2022’s design trends. It seems like there’s a lot of changes in the air, and it’s not just my allergies. Here are the trends we’ve heard whispers about.


Humans seem to finally be giving Mother Nature the love she deserves. Going green seems to be all the rage, in more ways than one.


Biophilic accents have become the finishing touch du jour. Plant mommys and daddys abound as folks have tried to capture some of nature’s allure in their home sweet homes. You can go minimal with succulents and air plants, or go big with larger installations of peace lillies, birds of paradise, bamboo palms or fiddle leafs.

People have also started gravitating towards nature’s color pallet, incorporating tree bark browns, leafy greens, and sky blues. Either through accessory accents or the walls of the room, opportunities abound to bring some extra nature inside.


A focus on sustainability has also taken center stage. Repurposed and recycled wood, upcycled pieces, and ethically sourced materials have become increasingly popular as the effects of climate change become more pronounced. Less is more and local is better, especially when regional suppliers are used. Note only that, but used is desired, not just acceptable.Which brings me to…

Time Machines

Antiquing is in! Folks are looking to find classic pieces at a bargain. And of course, choosing and reusing a vintage piece also lowers your carbon footprint.


It’s not just about aesthetics anymore. People want pieces that are not just for looking but that have some sort of technical, functional, or even emotional use. Whether it can be a place to sit or place items, adds comfort and ease, evokes a delightful memory, or even has a tech element like a speaker or light source, people want more than just a pretty object.

Here We Are Now, Entertain Us

As more people have started entertaining at home rather than gathering in large crowds, seating areas and entertainment rooms have taken a more central priority. When your home has the space to host the people that matter to you, why bother dealing with crowds and tourists and expensive venues?

Outdoor Escape

A garden, a pool, a patio, a backyard, any of these outdoor luxuries have become even more important to folks who felt cooped up inside apartments or smaller living spaces. Having any kind of little outside paradise is a luxury that might be taking higher priority these days. Grab a hammock and a drink with a little umbrella in it, even if it’s just on a balcony.

Multi Purpose Spaces

With over 40% of the workforce spending the majority of their work week at home, the home office is here to stay. However, not everyone wants to dedicate a whole room of precious floorspace to a full home office. A multi-purpose space offers a perfect solution with perhaps a corner for that WFH (work-from-home) life, and the rest of the space for leisure or exercise or play.LOOKS + VIBES

Bold Patterns + Edgy Accents

No need to play coy. After a decade of industrial neutrals, bright pops of colors and loud accents have come back into fashion. A rug, some pillows, or a whole couch can be the stand out piece in a room, if that’s what you like.

Curves + Bends

Homebodies rejoice. The people have spoken and they want their spaces cozier. That has translated in some ways to a departure from sleek straight lines as curves beckon like a warm embrace. That means circles over squares, ovals over rectangles, soft curves and warm hugs. Another step away from the cold industrial vibe of whites and grays and into a warmer atmosphere.

Travel Inspo + Sentimental Value

Whether you’re collecting memories, pictures, or special items, it’s nice to have reminders of the good times hanging around. Folks collect all sorts of items from their travels including shot glasses, coasters, stickers, sculptures, figurines, flags, and so much more! You can really choose any sort of souvenir. I personally love a physical map, especially for outlining road trips.PCD’S #1 TREND OF 2022

March to the Beat of Your Own Drum

Trends are all well and good, but according to Head Designer, PepeCalderin, they don’t last. Rather than chasing trends, take inspiration from the ones that speak to you and let the rest be filled in by what feels like home to you. In his own words:

“Be yourself. Be unique. Be bold. Life is full of colour. Choose the ones you like. Don’t follow trends, they come and go. Instead collect unique and classic items.”

What are your favourite unique and classic pieces or styles? What trends have you drawn inspiration from? Let us know in the comments!


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