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4 Places We Often Forget to Decorate

By mvicioso dot January 15 , 2015

If you think that your task of decorating your home is already finished, think again. Are you missing out on some spots?

When we are planning to decorate our house, the focus always remains in living room and bedroom. In most of cases, we fail to take into account that there are other areas in the house which needs an equal amount of renovation. We often based it on where other people will look and what spaces they will notice as they enter our home. What most of us fail to consider is the overall look and feel of our house. These spaces, no matter how small, can hold you back in achieving complete satisfaction. Interior designers understand that each area according to its function is all important to be styled and decorated.

Are you guilty of leaving these places undecorated?

The Kitchen

Do not keep your kitchen just as it is. Cooking can be very pleasurable if the kitchen looks impressive. You can shift from the usual white-colored fixtures. Black is also a good option as it reflects a sophisticated taste. You can also go for a colorful refreshing look. Organize the utensils and appliances. Try to experiment and make your stay in your kitchen an eye pleasing experience. Interior designers in Miami Beach go as far as using large windows or sliding glass doors in the kitchen. It may help you make better tasting food because of your enhanced alluring atmosphere.


A good smelling and clean washroom reflects the sanitary of people in their home. But do we need to stop in only having a spotless, clean bathroom? There are a lot of ways to improve how your washroom looks. Be imaginative and place a houseplant in your bathroom. This will not only energize your spirit but also fill the room with its fragrance. You can also add some stylish rag outside it. Paint it from crisp, white, cool blue to fiery red, colors that evoke a certain feeling. Colors can affect people’s mood, and Interior Designers in Miami Beach understands the psychology behind it and you can see it applied in different establishments around the area.

Dining Room

A table and few chairs are the main fixtures of a dining room. Hence, you need to be wary while selecting. They must be comfortable yet looks classy and pleasing. For a lavish look, add a chandelier over the dining table. In Miami, FL, Modern interior designers even offer furniture that you can use making it easier for you. If you just want a simple lighting, then buy candle-stands, place them around the edges of the room. You can endeavor an enjoyable candle lit dinner. You will enjoy chewing your food more with the perfect ambience.


The last place we can think of in decorating is often the hallway, the part in our house where we just pass by. The major advantage in decorating this area is that you can become bold, and color it any way you want. Make it alive and create the atmosphere you desire. Hang an artwork or a picture you want people to see. This is an innovative finishing and stylish look that will attract everyone’s attention. Fill your empty walls and make people see how artistic you are.

All the spaces in our home hold a prominent place in interior decoration. If you’re looking for modern interior designers in Miami, FL that can go the extra mile in designing these areas, contact us now for decorating ideas you might have missed out in your home.


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