Commercial Interior Design Firm in NYC

The award-winning design firm of Pepe Calderin specializes in the commercial interior designs of restaurants, corporations, offices, hotels, resorts, conference centers, hospitality centers and more.

Pepe Calderin Commercial Interior Designer in New York City

Our New York City clients have big aspirations and even greater expectations. Pepe Calderin Design always puts the client first. It is the goals of our commercial business clients that propel us into creative action. Each client gets a personal consultation to assess goals, aesthetics, style, image, needs of existing and intended clients and budget considerations. Pepe Calderin Design will then present the client with a formal customized commercial design concept.

Award Winning Commercial Interior Design Team

Just as New Yorkers enjoy all walks of life, Pepe Calderin design enjoys an endless variety of commercial design projects. From Hotels and resorts to offices and conference centers, and restaurants or boutiques—Pepe Calderin Design does it all.

Commercial Interior Design Consultation and Planning in NYC

When it comes to dining out, New Yorkers are always looking for the next best thing. That is why it is crucial to stay current with menus, trends, and décor. With innovative cooking techniques like liquid nitrogen and sous vide, do you really want outdated restaurant décor to propel foodies in other directions? Pepe Calderin Design made a name for themselves with the multi-award winning restaurant design of Karu & Y in Miami and now their innovations are shaking up New York.

Hospitality Design in New York City

From lobbies to hallways, ballrooms, boutiques, banquet rooms, conference rooms, staff and executive offices, and guest rooms—Pepe Calderin Design will renovate your hotel with their comprehensive list of services and collaborative designers. No matter what mood, aesthetic or image you want to create for your hotel renovation, Pepe Calderin has the design solution that will inspire staff productivity and job satisfaction, guest enjoyment and relaxation, and hotel revenue.

Sustainability in Commercial Design

New Yorkers are conscious of their environment. More and more businesses are converting to sustainable products as their civic duty to help save our planet. Using sustainable products helps to support local businesses, cuts down on travel distance, and promotes quality and freshness. Pepe Calderin supports this global issue and is highly skilled when it comes to using sustainable materials in commercial design concepts.