Green Building Miami

At Pepe Calderin Design, we have all the latest information, tips, ideas, and trends for environmentally sustainable architectural and green building. Our Design firm excels in the development and design of high-quality, eco-friendly projects, both residential and commercial. We are devoted to keeping up on the latest developments in sustainable design, green materials, and construction. Let us do the homework for you!

Pepe Calderin’s team of green professionals will coordinate your project from start to finish, using best “Green” practices and only the most sustainable earth-friendly building materials.

Eco Designs in Miami Include:

• Water Efficiency
• Energy Efficiency & Solar Design
• Materials & Resources
• Indoor Environmental & Air Quality
• Innovation & Design Process

Sustainable Design in Miami

Natural materials will often have fewer harmful additives than artificial materials. The improvement of indoor air quality cannot be overstated, as humans can spend 80% of their time indoors. When possible, and if requested of our clients, we work with recycled materials and investigate possibilities of reusing existing hardware, furniture, and materials. Our building and décor materials are all carefully selected to create a unique interior space. At Pepe Calderin Design, we work with products that are made to last and that come from dependable, reliable, and local sources.

Our Green Building Promise to You:

Whether constructing a new building or re-creating an existing space, Pepe Calderin Design will only use high quality, attractive and durable materials that will add value and life to your home. We work hard to please our customers and will always listen closely to your requests. If your standards are high, you’ve come to the right place!