Historic Building Restoration Miami

Pepe Calderin Design employs quality workmanship to restore historic buildings in Miami Bay back to their original charm without compromising the integrity of its historic character.

We conform to district guidelines for restoring historical buildings in the Miami Bay and surrounding region. Pepe Calderin Design works with our clients to determine the appropriate course of action and acquire proper approval such as a Certificate of Appropriateness for exterior alterations, or for more extensive work, approval from the Historic and Environmental Preservation Board.

Types of Historical Building by Pepe Calderin Design:

  • Historic Preservation—repairs original materials.
  • Historic Rehabilitation—replaces deteriorated materials using matching materials.
  • Historic Restoration—selects materials to restore from the most significant time period and discards the rest.
  • Historic Reconstruction—recreates an unsalvageable structure using new materials. Every approach is unique to the condition and status of the property. Pepe Calderin Design offers a full range of services to formulate the perfect design concept in compliance with historic preservation regulations.

Community Values of Historical Miami Homes:

  • Cultural
  • Educational
  • Social
  • Environmental
  • Aesthetic
  • Gives Purpose to Community
  • Promotes Tourism
  • Aides in the Economic Climate

Your city’s history represents you as a community and it is important to preserve that history. Pepe Calderin Design can help you preserve that history and meet the needs of your community.