Historic Building Restoration NYC

New York is rich with historic homes, churches, farmhouses, cottages, museums, fire stations, schools, brownstones, and mansions. Your city’s history represents you as a community and it is important to preserve that for generations to come. Pepe Calderin Design can help you preserve historical buildings and meet the needs of your community.

The Community Values of Historical NYC Building

  • Sense of Purpose
  • Environmental
  • Social
  • Cultural
  • Aesthetics
  • Educational
  • Economic Climate
  • Promotes Tourism

With so much at stake, it is important to hire the right professional to restore your historic building. Pepe Calderin Design offers a full range of services to formulate the perfect design concept in compliance with historic preservation regulations. Every approach is unique to the condition and status of the property.

Types of Historic Building Preservation

  • Historic Restoration—condenses aspects of restoration to one significant time period and removes other time periods.
  • Historic Rehabilitation—uses identical materials to replace deteriorated ones.
  • Historic Preservation—repairs original materials.
  • Historic Reconstruction—recreates an unsalvageable structure using new materials.

Three-hundred-year-old historic New York landmarks often suffer years of neglect. Pepe Calderin Design not only restores but uses state of the art materials that offer more lasting protection to your historic site.

No matter what type of service your historical home may require or what style be it Romanesque, Queen Ann, Classical, Baroque, Renaissance or Gothic—Pepe Calderin Design employs quality, approved workmanship to restore historic homes in NYC back to their original state of grace, dignity, and stature.