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How Colors Affect Your Interior Design and Your Mood

By mvicioso dot December 28 , 2014

Color is an endless variety that we have to choose from and each has a profound effect in our frame of mind. Hence, we must know how it affects our mood and if it is suitable for us.

Interior designers in Miami Beach have solid knowledge about colors, having worked for different design styles and clients in the area, knowing incredibly well to which group a certain color belongs, what colors fit for combinations and most of all, the psychological effects of one color or another have. It is a necessary to understand each color and their effect in our mood, health and way of thinking. We must not look at the color of an interior design only as what it may seem but what it makes us feel.

You can effortlessly match every room’s colors to your personal desires, to your feel and to the interior’s function. When you understand color illustration and that everything you choose to decorate your interior with has a direct outcome on how it supports you, you will be better set to create a wonderful, dynamic interior design.

Here are the effects of different colors into your interior design:

White Aids Clarity

It is associated with cleanliness that reflects that you are a person that has a clear and organized thinking. There’s nothing better than staying in a cozy and neat place and using this color helps us achieve clarity and a peaceful mood.

Black is for Sophistication and Mystery

It provides a dark and deep feeling that incorporates strong willed atmosphere. It has subtle elegance without being too conservative. Many modern interior designer in Miami, FL such as Pepe Calderin use this color to enhance the sophistication of different interiors.

Red Stimulates and Warms the Body

It elevates the heart rate, brain wave activity and respiration. It increases enthusiasm and raises room’s energy level. So you tend to be more productive in this interior. But if high blood pressure, hypertension is an issue, they should not decorate their rooms with the color red since it may feel uncomfortable for the person staying in that place.

Orange Brings Energy

It stimulates all the emotions that you need to release in physical activities and believed to heal the lungs and increase energy levels. Modern interior designers in Miami, FL best position this color for fitness purposes, though it also fits the climate of the state. You must try working out in places painted with orange.

Yellow is Equal to a Happy Person

Yellow is known for being a memory stimulator. Yellow also raises blood pressure and pulse rate but not to the degree that red does. It is recommended for classrooms and workplaces to have this color to be able to gain that focus and alertness you need.

Blue have a Relaxing Effect

It has opposite effects of red. It has a calming effect on the body: it lowers blood pressure, heart rate and respiration. Feeling blue doesn’t pertain to sadness but on how cool a person can feel. Interior designers in Miami Beach have best interior for humid weathered places for cooling effect.

Purple is Elegant and Stunning

In its darkest values, it is linked with luxury. It makes a room dreamy and inspiring. Lighter versions of purple bring the same calming quality to interior as blue does, but without the risk of feeling chilly.

Remember that color selection is a very personal. You are the one who has to live with your interior color, so decide the hue that suits your lifestyle. Your color is your mood and your thoughts. Contact us today to help you achieve the look and feel your place deserves.


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