Interior Decorating in NYC

New York City residents are accustomed to luxurious living. Pepe Calderin Design takes your ordinary space and turns it into something extraordinary. Our interior decorating experts work with you to combine your personal style with our expertise in order to create a truly unique space that spells home.

Interior Decorator for your New York City Home

Does your décor depict the wrong decade? Are you bored with the same tired colors or those stark, white walls? Then your NYC home is ready for a complete or partial makeover. Pepe Calderin Design is committed to our New York City clients. We take pride in the friendly, honest relationship we establish with our clients, which has resulted in thousands of satisfied clients throughout the region. Our specialties include multi-family, traditional, modern, contemporary, and sustainable design.

Kitchen Interior Decorating in New York City

Isn’t it strange how people always seem to gravitate towards the kitchen? Is it because of our voracious appetites? Perhaps—however, at Pepe Calderin Design, we tend to believe that the kitchen is the heart of your home. People invest the most money on their kitchens to create a room in which they will want to spend more time—and less. In other words, you will spend less time cooking and cleaning because of our professional kitchen design solutions, yet you will want to spend more time in the kitchen because of your fabulous new décor. Kitchen redecorating is best left to the professionals at Pepe Calderin Design in New York City.

Bathroom Interior Decorating in NYC

Whether you want to transform your guest bathroom to emulate that of a luxury hotel or turn your master bath into your own personal spa, Pepe Calderin’s decorators will shape your image of perfection into the masterpiece you and your guests deserve. Our expert decorators will consider every aspect of your bathroom from mirrors to floor, countertops, fixtures, tile, lighting, tub, rugs, draperies, towels and more…The end result will blow you away!

Bedroom Interior Decorating in NYC

At the end of a long day, you need a place in which to retreat that will renew your body, mind, and spirit—that place is the bedroom. If the bedroom is improperly decorated, it can literally affect your physical and mental wellbeing. Pepe Calderin and his award-winning interior decorators believe that your bedroom is a sacred place in which to escape the pressures of the world. Pepe Calderin’s bedroom decorators give you the gift of a vacation every day—without ever leaving home.

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