Lighting Design in Miami

To Pepe Calderin, lighting conveys more than functionality—he embraces lighting design as an art form. Pepe Calderin Design firm has enlightened its Miami clients with their conviction that lighting design is a crucial element to the overall look, feel, and appeal of the space, and yes—functionality.

Strategic Lighting Designer in Miami

Many factors comprise the strategies for lighting design. The function of the room determines visibility requirements, whereas the mood you want to create may merit less visibility. Decorative lighting provides aesthetics rather than utility. The Pepe Calderin Design team is proficient in contemporary lighting techniques and will customize your lighting design to accommodate your individual needs and desires as Miami Bay home and business owners.

Lighting Interior Design in Miami

Various types of lighting add to the perspective of a room and how space is perceived. Here are some common types:

  • Task lighting is perhaps the most commonly known and widely used form of lighting. It is the lighting option that enables you to be productive in your daily lives—work, homework, cooking, reading—it is practical and necessary, and important to achieve the precise effect to prevent glare and eye strain—but it doesn’t have to be dull.
  • Accent lighting brings your attention to a particular feature, architectural element, sculpture or painting you want to accentuate or make the focal point.
  • Ambient lighting or low key lighting comes from all directions and dances with the contours of objects, while fill lights play off the shadows.

Lighting Design Versatility

Adding multiple varieties of lighting to a single space can offer versatility to your Miami lifestyle. For instance, your dining room table may double as an office during the day where the brightness of task lighting is appropriate, but when the sun goes down, you’ll want to entice your dinner guests into a more relaxed frame of mind, one that Pepe Calderin Design helped you customize. Pepe especially enjoys hidden light sources. LED lighting emerges from behind the onyx framed fireplace and decorative wooden walls and panels, peeks out from the contours of a large living area column, alights the staircase, and seduces from soffits in Akoya Penthouse located in Miami Beach Florida and conceptualized by Pepe Calderin Design.

Outdoor Light Design in Miami

Miami residents take pleasure in their outdoor spaces. Pepe Calderin Design brings the indoor—out—with lighting techniques that enhance your landscape and patio or deck, highlight your home’s unique architectural features, illuminate ponds and fountains, light up topiaries and trees, and combines whimsy with security with lighting plans that elucidate steps and pathways.

Pepe Calderin Design firm contracts licensed electrical technicians who work for hand and hand with the designers to execute the concept and stay on task.