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With so many interior designers in Miami Beach, which one do you choose?

By mvicioso dot December 12 , 2014

When starting a new interior design project, there’s so much that has to be taken into consideration. However, finding an interior designer isn’t as challenging as you imagine it to be. Through your network and a simple Google search, there are plenty of ways to get in contact with the right interior designers in Miami Beach for you.

A couple of things to keep in mind before starting to ‘shop’ for an interior designer: budget, taste, and time frame. With these tools on your side, you will make it easier for the designer, or design agency, to let you know if they will be able to work with you.

Here are some ways to find the interior designer that’s best for you.

  1. Word of Mouth – Are there any friends or colleagues who have recently completed a project? Ask them who recently helped them redecorate their home or office, and ask them what it was like to work with them. At Pepe Calderin Design, we have no problem providing references to our work, and other agencies should be able to do the same.
  1. View portfolios – While you may be able to appreciate a designers work, it may not necessarily be your taste. Take a look at a designer’s portfolio and see if their range is something that fits your aesthetic. While a lot of designers can flit between different viewpoints, you want to make sure that ultimately, the both of you can agree on one particular aesthetic to move forward with.
  1. Search the Internet – Apart from viewing portfolios online, there are other ways to find out about a potential design firm. Take a glance at their Facebook or Instagram or Houzz pages, and see if you can discern what the company is like. You can also view a directory from the American Society of Interior Designers.

With these tips, you will be well on your way to finding the right interior designer for your project. Before you meet, it’s best to bring a couple of pictures or color swatches to show as an example of what you like. With the right designer, your next project will be a total success.


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