R Akoya Residence

Year of Construction: 


6,000 sq. ft.

The Mayor family wanted a home that was warm and inviting but still highly modern and unique. This 6,000 sq ft home is located directly on the water and the views were very important to the client, so all seating arrangements and spaces were designed to maximize the ocean views. Due to the fact that spatially, all the rooms were very large, we tried to create individual spaces within each room, making them more dynamic and functional.

Light was key in the design’s home, both natural and in the incorporation of backlit and translucent materials such as glass and onyx. To offset the modernity and simplicity of the furniture and fixtures, we used lots of wood as well as a water feature below the glass staircase. This not only brought their ocean views indoors, but also allowed us to design some truly unique pieces.


Awards (for Akoya- Mayor Residence):

  • International Interior Design Association (IIDA),
    Best of Residential, Single-Family for Mayor Residence, 2008

Americas Residential Property Awards,
Best Interior Design USA for Akoya Penthouse, 2009