R Fisher Island – Palazzo Del Mare – Lobby

Fisher Island, Florida

Year of Construction: 


In this captivating project, the standout materials are dark wood paired with beige floors, creating a warm and forest-inspired ambiance. Upon entering the main area of the lobby, where the waiting furniture is situated, you are immersed in warm white tones and wooden accents. The meticulously designed furniture features white hues, complemented by chairs with wooden details, all set against a brown rug that harmonizes with the beige floor. At the center of the space, a glass coffee table with wooden edges adds a contemporary and sophisticated touch.


Suspended from the ceiling, two wooden frames hold a unique chandelier. This striking fixture boasts crystal globes of various sizes, precisely positioned above the coffee table, creating a focal point that elegantly draws attention. The combination of wood, warm tones, and crystal details provides a cozy and luxurious atmosphere in this lobby, offering waiting individuals a harmonious and visually stunning environment.