When You Must Involve a Lighting Designer in Your Home

By Pepe Calderin dot November 15 , 2022

When to hire a modern lighting designer is a question we get asked very frequently. People contact us at various times during a construction project. People who are just beginning to plan a construction or renovation call us. The location of the wires that need to be run tends to be more challenging, although we also receive inquiries from people who have electricians on site.

Lighting designers should be brought in early in construction for the finest lighting outcomes. Whether you hire a lighting designer or handle the design yourself, this essay examines factors to take into account early in the building process to get the most out of your lighting design.

When would it be inappropriate to use a Lighting Designer?

A great source of illumination is necessary for superb lighting. It’s generally too early to conduct any detailed lighting design if your plans are still in the very early stages and you don’t have any concrete ideas about the space’s layout, style, or feel. We still become involved in projects very early on, but it usually happens when our clients clearly know what they want to accomplish or seek to establish budgets early.

This final element may motivate individuals to begin their lighting design early. Realistic figures for the tender process can be obtained by knowing how many wires will be required, whether a lighting control system will be employed, and any architectural details that will include lighting. It’s common to be required to provide a complete lighting design before the project is put out to bid. It reduces the possibility of costly change orders later in the construction process and implies fewer surprises down the road. Additionally, it entails planning the interiors, the area, and the primary characteristics early enough.

Architectural Lighting is Woven into a Building’s Structure.

Fittings must be incorporated into the structure of the building for architectural lighting, which prioritizes visible light and its effects on the fitting. The moment to act usually arrives sooner than people anticipate. Underfloor heating installation occurs early in the construction process for many new constructions and renovations. For architectural lighting, the floor is typically used as a mounting point. The design and cabling must be completed well before the screed is laid if you intend to use the floor as a mounting point. It’s typical for us to run cabling to specific locations more than a year before the light fixtures themselves are installed.

Architectural illumination occasionally necessitates alterations to the building itself. When finalizing the designs for the rooms, drop ceilings for coffer lighting can produce spectacular results, but again, this needs to be considered. Early engagement allows for the cabling of lighting during construction. The finished product is covert lighting seamlessly woven into the structure of the building.

How and When To Use a Lighting Designer

Outstanding lighting designers will always be delighted to recommend you to recent customers if they are confident in their abilities to create exceptional designs. In order to persuade you that they are the ideal fit for the project, they will also be able to share a number of reviews for you to read. In other words, reviews should never be disregarded.

Therefore, when should you hire a lighting designer? We have found that it is seldom too early. Early design completion of the lighting plan should produce better outcomes and prevent costly rework. Count on us for this. Waiting until electricians are on site reduces your chances of getting your lighting just perfect. Consider the lighting modern interior designers at Pepe Calderin Design for the best in your home.


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