April . 30 . 2015

Pepe Calderin Receives Star Award for 2014 from Pulse of the City News

Pulse of the City News has given Pepe Calderin the 5 Star Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction for the year 2014 in the Subcontractor Division. Pulse of the City recognizes Building Owners, Architects, Construction Managers, Subcontractors, and more that deliver superior design and construction services, as well as excellent customer service, through their independent […]

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February . 27 . 2015

How to Use Wall Art for Interior Design

Having a large blank wall can make your house or any space dull and lifeless. Most people tend to settle with painting it different colors, design, and even with patterns. However, paint can only do so much. To add an impact and to any space’s aura, wall art is one of the most common weapons […]

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February . 21 . 2015

6 Key Principles of Interior Design

One of the key advantages of hiring interior designers is their ability to see and use design as a story. And just like any other bestselling novel writer, a great interior designer adheres to fundamental interior design principles which, when applied properly, can invoke emotions only a top caliber design can deliver. Let’s refine our […]

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