January . 20 . 2015

6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Interior Designer

Designing your home or any space is a tedious task. That is true even with the help of modern interior designers in Miami, FL. Some of us think that we can just leave them and trust them to do a great job. We rely on them to help us visualize and design the space that […]

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January . 15 . 2015

4 Places We Often Forget to Decorate

If you think that your task of decorating your home is already finished, think again. Are you missing out on some spots? When we are planning to decorate our house, the focus always remains in living room and bedroom. In most of cases, we fail to take into account that there are other areas in […]

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January . 5 . 2015

2015 Interior Design Trends

This year’s interior design trend is an insightful peek at what’s in store for interior designing in the near future: the timelessness of classic designs and the world’s ever-growing fondness of nature. These two design trends have designers going after aesthetically appealing marriage between classic and nature themes. Not even the Modern interior designers in […]

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