Artefacto Vignette

Year of Construction: 


10,000 sq. ft.

In this vignette project, a living room is curated with a color palette of brown and white, featuring a TV stand that commands attention with a large marble wall adorned with differently sized rectangles illuminated from within. A wooden shelf complements the TV stand, creating a harmonious blend of materials. The space is cleverly divided by a substantial wooden wall, strategically designed with varying openings to provide glimpses into the second area while simultaneously introducing an element of privacy. This structure extends slightly towards the ceiling, enhancing the visual perception of height.


Entering the next room, a grand mirror on the final wall reflects the entire space, amplifying the sense of openness. Adorning the walls are thoughtfully placed frames featuring an array of phrases and photos, adding a personal and artistic touch to the room. Metal benches with sleek lines contribute to the room’s sophistication, creating a cohesive and visually engaging atmosphere. This vignette is a masterful blend of textures, colors, and design elements, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional division within the living space.