C Fisher Island Sales Center

Year of Construction: 


In the city’s heart, a building’s lobby is transformed into a tropical oasis where warm tones on some walls evoke the feeling of stepping into a tropical forest. While some walls maintain their original color, others are clad in wood tones that mimic the look of trees, creating a cozy contrast. The warm color palette is complemented by emerald green and gold accents, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to the setting.

The floor, with beige ceramic tiles, introduces a touch of brightness and freshness to the space, creating a harmonious contrast with the wood and providing a sense of spaciousness. Upholstered in brown fabrics that imitate wood, the seating is comfortable and welcoming. A large central table, crafted with a combination of wood and glass, becomes a gathering point where visitors can enjoy moments of relaxation.

An artwork hanging on the wall depicts leaves that appear to sway in the wind, adding an artistic element that evokes the feeling of being in the heart of the jungle. Soft, natural lighting creates a cozy atmosphere that invites visitors to relax and savor the freshness and vitality of this tropical oasis in the midst of the city. This lobby is a place that celebrates the beauty and serenity of tropical nature, creating an immersive experience that allows visitors to immerse themselves in a corner of lush splendor right in the heart of the urban landscape.