Upper East Side Residence

Fisher Island, Florida

Upper East Side Residence describes a customized interior design project for a 3,800 square foot apartment. The primary focus of the design was to ensure that every element in the home was a conversation piece. From the furniture selected, the light fixtures, the stone finishes, the accessories, to the artwork, each component was chosen to be eye-catching.

The client, a passionate art enthusiast with a penchant for a rock and roll aesthetic, presented an exciting challenge for the designers: to incorporate these vibes throughout the apartment without overshadowing the artwork. This defined artistic approach significantly influenced the atmosphere and decoration of the space, permeating every corner with a bold and artistic spirit.

The apartment’s style was characterized as hip and funky, using rich, deep colors such as maroons and dark blues. These tones, along with eclectic decor, helped to create a vibrant and welcoming environment. The client’s active involvement in the design process was particularly appreciated, allowing the designers to add meaningful and personal details that resonated with the owner, reflecting his unique tastes and passions.

One of the most personal aspects of the project was the incorporation of nautical elements that echoed the client’s passion for his boat. This was achieved by integrating the same style of wood used in his boat throughout the home’s decor, creating both an aesthetic and emotional link between his living spaces and his love for boating.

The result was a deeply personalized space where every detail served not only an aesthetic function but also told a story, creating a home full of meaning and personal style. This design project not only met the client’s aesthetic expectations but also reflected his life and passions, making the apartment not just a place to live, but a true home with character and personality.