Pinecrest Residence

Pinecrest, Florida

Year of Construction: 



10,000 sq. ft.

Design Explanation:

Pinecrest Residence is an exquisite example of modern luxury, showcasing a seamless blend of elegance, functionality, and contemporary design. The exterior features clean lines, illuminated pathways, and minimalist landscaping that create a sophisticated entrance. Inside, the residence boasts a stunning bathroom with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a serene view of the garden, complemented by sleek black marble finishes and modern fixtures. The kitchen is a masterpiece of modern design, with dark cabinetry, a marble island, and state-of-the-art appliances, creating a perfect space for culinary enthusiasts.

The living room is expansive and airy, with double-height ceilings, large glass panels that flood the space with natural light, and a minimalist aesthetic that emphasizes comfort and style. The use of grey tones and luxurious materials such as marble and wood creates a warm yet sophisticated ambiance. The hallway continues the theme of modern elegance with its polished marble floors and sleek wooden panels, leading to the bedroom, which features a striking black marble accent wall, plush bedding, and soft lighting that creates a tranquil retreat.

In the dining room, a polished wood table and modern black chairs sit beneath elegant pendant lights, offering a perfect setting for both intimate dinners and larger gatherings. The second bathroom maintains the luxurious theme with a freestanding black tub, dark walls, and floor-to-ceiling windows that provide a view of the outdoor landscape, blending indoor and outdoor living spaces seamlessly.

Throughout Pinecrest Residence, the interior design emphasizes clean lines, high-quality materials, and thoughtful details that enhance the overall luxurious feel. This residence is a perfect blend of modern sophistication and comfortable living, making it a truly remarkable home.