The Point Condominium

Aventura, Miami, Florida

Year of Construction: 



10,000 sq. ft.

Design Explanation:

The interior design of «The Point» condominium has undergone a complete transformation, embracing a modern and sophisticated style throughout all common areas. The driveway now features elegant paving stones and beautifully arranged greenery, creating an inviting entrance. As you step into the entry lobby and reception, you’re greeted by light-toned marble, a sleek minimalist desk, and designer furniture that set a cozy and luxurious tone.

The main lobby is a bright, open space, adorned with high-quality materials, elegant hanging light fixtures, and comfortable furnishings that invite you to relax and enjoy. Moving into the elevator area and hallways, the design continuity is maintained with marble walls, polished metal accents, and abstract-patterned carpets, all contributing to a welcoming and refined ambiance.

In the networking area, modern and functional furniture creates a productive work environment, while the children’s play area is both safe and delightful, featuring vibrant colors and interactive elements that engage young minds. The common bathrooms have been upgraded with marble finishes and high-end fixtures, offering a touch of luxury and comfort.

Finally, the mailbox area combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, featuring polished metal finishes that seamlessly blend with the overall design. In essence, the redesign of «The Point» harmoniously combines high-quality materials and cohesive design elements to create an elegant, welcoming environment for residents.