Sobe Vegan Restaurant

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Year of Construction: 



10,000 sq. ft.

Design Explanation:

As an interior designer, each project presents a new canvas to paint a distinctive story, reflecting not just my vision but also the essence of the space and its purpose. In one of my recent ventures, I had the privilege to design a vegan restaurant located in the vibrant city of Fort Lauderdale. This project was not just about aesthetics but also about embodying the principles of veganism and the lively spirit of Fort Lauderdale. My goal was to create an environment that would serve as a vegan oasis, celebrating both the culinary philosophy and the local culture.

From the outset, I envisioned a design that would resonate with the lively, dynamic character of Fort Lauderdale. I chose vibrant fuchsia as the dominant color for the restaurant’s interior. This choice was inspired by the city’s energetic life and its stunning sunsets that paint the sky in brilliant hues of pink and purple every evening. Fuchsia, with its vivid and inviting presence, seemed like the perfect color to infuse the space with energy and warmth.

To complement the boldness of fuchsia, I incorporated natural wood in the details and finishes throughout the restaurant. Wood, with its inherent warmth and natural texture, serves as a grounding element, balancing the intensity of fuchsia and creating a welcoming atmosphere. It connects the indoor environment with the natural world, aligning with the vegan ethos of harmony and respect for nature.

The design also features elements of gold and green, adding layers of contrast and richness to the space. The gold accents, used in fixtures and furniture, introduce a touch of luxury and sophistication, while the green walls and plant life echo the lush landscapes of Florida. This palette not only reflects the diversity of Fort Lauderdale but also enhances the tropical ambiance of the restaurant.

To bring the essence of Florida’s tropical environment indoors, I strategically placed tall palm trees within the dining and bar areas. These trees add a dramatic touch and bring a piece of the native flora inside, enhancing the theme of a vegan oasis. Complementing the palms, tropical flowers in shades that harmonize with fuchsia are placed on tables and in key areas around the restaurant. These flowers enrich the sensory experience of the guests by adding beauty and a subtle fragrance to the air, reminiscent of a garden in bloom.

The layout and design of the restaurant are crafted to evoke the feeling of the sea breeze, a signature element of Fort Lauderdale’s beachside setting. The spatial arrangement encourages a flow that mimics the openness of the ocean, inviting the invisible yet palpable sea breeze to weave through the restaurant. This design choice not only maximizes the comfort of diners but also connects them to the coastal charm of the city.

For the bar area, I selected elegant golden stools that stand out against the more casual, beach-style chairs and tables used in the dining area. These stools provide a luxurious contrast, elevating the space without sacrificing the overall relaxed vibe of the restaurant. The furniture throughout the venue, including the chairs and tables, is designed with clean lines and comfort in mind, ensuring that guests can relax and truly enjoy their dining experience.

This vegan restaurant in Fort Lauderdale is a testament to how thoughtful interior design can transform a space into a multisensory experience that transports visitors to a serene yet vibrant world. The combination of bold colors, natural elements, and thoughtful spatial planning creates an inviting atmosphere that celebrates the diversity and vitality of Fort Lauderdale. It’s a place where nature and urban life coexist in harmony, offering a unique dining experience that delights the senses and uplifts the spirit.