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This 20 year old, 4000 sq ft home was remodeled around the owners’ Venezuelan and Cuban heritage. The concepts of both the alegria de vivir (joy of living) of the warmer climates and the sleek South Florida styling that plays to any cultural aesthetic, were played with.

One of the main features of this home is the astounding, cantilevered fireplace wall covered in white onyx. Weighing in at nearly 400 lbs, the hand-selected slabs are suspended by structural steel with an inner wall of Plexiglass, between which is the delicate illumination. Not content with the singularity of the fireplace wall, nor of the theatrical three step elevation of the entry, PCD introduced another eye-popping feature: a mirrored waterfall nestled in a stacked travertine wall. Water was very important to our design, as are the organic surfaces of wood and stone.

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