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It was very important that everything in this 3,800 sq ft home was a conversation piece. Everything from the furniture selected, the light fixtures, the stone finishes, the accessories and the art were all attention grabbers.   The client was big on art, which had a very rock and roll vibe, so it was a challenge, we gladly accepted, to bring out those vibes throughout the apartment without overshadowing the artwork.

The style of the apartment was hip and funky, using a lot of rich colors such as maroons and deep blues. We loved that the client was very involved with the whole process, allowing us to really get to know him and add details throughout the house that had special meaning to him.

The client owns a boat which is very important to him, so we made sure to bring in elements from the boat throughout the house. We did this by bringing in the same style of wood that is used in the boat, throughout the home.

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